This flick handles homosexuality and perhaps actually polysexuality which can be quite difficult to ingest for most people in Korea

This flick handles homosexuality and perhaps actually polysexuality which can be quite difficult to ingest for most people in Korea

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2009 movie hey our prefer featuring: Jo An, Oh minute Seok and Ryu Sang Wook deals with uncommon subject-matter for Korean visitors. The nation we all know these days as southern area Korea is more or less a conservative country, very referring to homosexuality and past throughout the giant screen is a bit irregular and I located this refreshing in a manner. We initially receive this film simply on a whim while on the lookout for films with homosexual motifs, if you have any such thing. My personal fascination with a€?Korean homosexual moviesa€? got me to embark on an ultimate search on Google and that I could pull up a pleasant prepared directory of the so called Korean gay cinema. We checked record and in some way I became attracted by this element known as: Hello My like and I also was even more comfortable whenever I known few of the stars. I became especially grateful observe Ryu Sang Wook since I have have seen your in another crisis earlier. Let us dissect this flick today shall we?

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Kim Ho Jung (Jo An) is a broadcast DJ wanting to build up the steps. This woman encountered the spontaneity and wits although she could come off a bit awkward to the girl co-workers. Ho Jung is awaiting their sweetheart got Jae another from France and when the guy showed up in the airport there was clearly someone else there with your. That a person more Won Jae delivered got a man. This pretty boy named Lee Dong Hwa ( Ryu Sang Wook) was not just a normal men friend, he Lesbian dating website was above that. When Ho Jung discovered the partnership between both of these males points started initially to become shaky for Ho Jung and Won Jae.

I thought the figures within flick wasn’t as interesting as I wished. I started initially to inquire if this got the way the characters were created or if it actually was the stars that represented all of them lacked the allure. In any event, I sensed that something is lost in the characterization plus in acting section. It wasn’t worst however it might have been much better.

Really don’t imagine i must state any thing more about Ho Jung since the thing I said above in plot point was adequate. This Ho Jung character does not have in several ways therefore it would be unnecessary for me personally commit completely detail relating to this certain persona. However, I wish to talking more about others two major figures considerably more.

Won Jae and Dong Hwa found in France. The old boy basically got Jae went along to a gourmet cook school while Dong Hwa studied become a wine connoisseur. I imagined these men looked truly lovable, particularly Dong Hwa. But as far as characterization happens got Jae was not by far the most interesting and same applies to Dong Hwa. Despite all this i do believe Dong Hwa had been an eye candy, really pleasant to consider.

Got Jae appeared fairly confused about several things. Got Jae believed he was in love with Ho Jung before he leftover for France but as he is out he had a change of cardiovascular system. Once got Jae returned to Korea along with his male friend things got a whole lot worse since he had to reconsider where the guy stood with both Ho Jung and Dong Hwa. Demonstrably got Jae still cared for Ho Jung certainly but I can’t help but to ask yourself if he likes both Ho elizabeth times.

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