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Their green, gold, and sometimes a combination of some rainbow hues are enough to keep me and my family entertained. Even my cat stays on the other side of the glass window watching the birds hop from side to side this cuboid clear window bird feeder by Sherwoordbase. Finding the best window feeders especially designed for hummingbirds is not easy. Hummers only feed on sweet nectars which are prone to ants. This kinds of feeder attached to the window near the kitchen or the ground means that there’s more possibility of ants finding it. Make sure you keep the ant moat guard on all the time.

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  • Feeding stations too large to place directly on or right next to windows should be placed at least 30 feet away.
  • Adaptable to a myriad of other functions, including handing wind chimes, clothing, plastic boards, keys, decorative art, and small bird feeders.
  • It has to be far from ledges, windowsills or tree branches so predators can’t come and steal the seeds, or worst, kill the birds.
  • A window mounted feeder will attract birds to your window for your enjoyment.
  • To finish my windows bird feeder I attached the support bars to the feeder using an exterior rated glue and screws.
  • The same 55 pound feeding station topped with a huge amount of hard-frozen wet snow can weigh upwards of 125 pounds.

We have been the trusted experts in backyard bird feeding since 1958. Perky-Pet® delivers high quality, functional bird feeders and accessories that bring more birds to your backyard. Hummingbirds prefer to visit fresh, clean feeding stations. To make that easier, this feeder disassembles for effortless cleaning.

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We would be happy to post your photos, design alterations, etc.. And share with other prospective bird feeder woodworkers. If you want to hang the bird feeder, the simplest way might be to place an eye bolt through each End piece of the hopper. This would seem to be an easy fix by simply increasing the size of the overhang of the roof.

To my own yard and am going to show you how to install a 4×4 post and mount our feeders correctly. Suction cups on suction cup window bird feeder last feeder gave out.This one looks good to us but not to the birds. Our previous one was left up year round and provided a lot of joy and amusement for my wife who is confined to her lift chair.

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Poles come in different height while some have adjustable length. This provides flexibility on how tall your bird feeder pole will be. When adjusting remember that some animals like raccoons and deers and even squirrels can jump a but higher to reach the bird feeder. A distance of 6 to 8 feet from the ground is usually ideal. The differentiation is normally based on their purpose or functionality. For starters, bird feeder poles should be squirrel stopper — the last standing enemy of birders – squirrels.

Some of this has a wider bottom area that works as a perch. Basket type woodpecker feeders are usually used for suet cakes. This can also come in squares or donut-like baskets.

I don’t have any issues with melting suet cakes because of rain, as water easily slides off suet, and woodpeckers immediately come to feed . But if your suet cake remains untouched for days, make sure you check it for molds after a bout of rain and sunshine. Plus you can place two suet cakes so you can attract and feed more woodpeckers and other birds. What I like most about this one is that it’s a no-fuss bird feeder. The cage is hinged on top and closes at the bottom with a snap. You don’t have to worry about rain since suet cakes aren’t affected by water, but the roof provides enough cover anyway.

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Set up a destination for your neighborhood hummingbirds with the Birds Choice 8 oz. This round feeder is made from durable polycarbonate that can be immediately filled with nectar. The Birds Choice Pole Mounted Mealworm Bird Feeder can hold mealworms in the attached cup, making it the perfect choice for bluebirds and many other species who like live insects. This adorable bird feeder has a house shape with a… Durable bamboo makes the Natures Way Bamboo Hopper Bird Feeder with Suet resistant to mold, rot, squirrels, warping, and more to ensure years of enjoyment. The design holds six quarts of seed and two suet cakes, attracting a variety of…

A suet bird feeder is one of many types of bird feeders. It is constructed with metal or plastic in a cage-like design and has no perches. I admire this bird feeder’s powder-coated metal roof, as it locks into the cage tightly, effectively preventing squirrels from unlocking the cage. It can withstand rain and there is no pooling because there is no surface for water to stand.

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It’s reasonably priced at $25, offers all-around view of the birds, is sturdy, is easy to clean, has a pitched roof, and works for dozens of birds year round. According to a study by the University of Exeter, watching colorful birds is a healthy break from staring at your computer or television all day. Bird-watchers are less likely to suffer from anxiety and depression. By investing in a see through bird feeder, you can indulge in your hobby of bird watching. It is soothing to the nerves of middle-aged and elderly people.